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Bryce M. Oxford Discusses the Growing Influence of High Tech in the Farming Industry


Technology Is Impacting Every Part of the Business World and This Includes Farming, with Bryce M. Oxford Here To Discuss It

When people think about the high tech world, they often think about computers, spaceships, and research labs. In some cases, people think that the opposite of technology is the farming that takes place in the rural parts of the country. This is wrong. The reality is that technology is impacting the farming industry as well. Professionals such as Bryce M. Oxford study the impact that technology is having on farming and use this information to try to improve society as a whole, including the farming industry. There are several major impacts that tech is having on farming and Bryce M. Oxford is here to discuss them.

Bryce M. Oxford Discusses Technology and Increased Crop Yields for Farmers

Bryce M. Oxford knows that farmers use technology to improve their crop yields. There are now advanced tech applications that farmers can use to optimize their crop rotations and improve the manner in which they plant the seeds. Therefore, farmers are able to get a greater yield for each harvest on the same amount of land. This allows farmers to reduce their overhead costs while improving their productivity, which helps them keep the cost of food low for the public. Bryce M. Oxford sees high tech further improving yields in the future.

Bryce M. Oxford Discusses the Environmental Impact of Tech and the Farming Industry

According to Bryce M. Oxford, one of the major impacts of tech advances in farming is that this is better for the environment. Thanks to high tech advances, farmers have been able to reduce the runoff that used to take place from their fields into the water supplies. In this manner, farmers are able to preserve the environment, reduce erosion, keep from bleaching the soil, and keep drinking water safe. Bryce M. Oxford knows that farmers pay close attention to the environmental impact they have and are doing more to keep the planet safe, with the help of some of these technological advances.

Bryce M. Oxford Discusses the Role of Tech in Farming and Reduced Chemical Use

Finally, it is also important to discuss the impact that tech has had on the ability to reduce chemical and pesticide use among farmers. In the past, farmers used to coat their crops in chemicals and pesticides in an effort to preserve them in the face of insects and other pests. Thanks to improved technology, farmers are now able to optimize the use of pesticides, only applying them when they are absolutely required, according to Bryce M. Oxford. The result is that farmers are able to sharply reduce the use of these substances, keeping costs low for the public, and improving access to nutrition.


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